For Young Professionals

Oikos Anchor

As believers we put our hope into Jesus Himself. And we believe that hope brings us into the presence of God. So we need to fasten ourselves to our Savior, our Anchor, Jesus Christ. He holds us firm and secure in the faith. This acts as an anchor for our soul keeping our hearts at rest so they cannot be tossed from a place of peace. And we have found this Oikos as our family which we can support and help each other to become His disciples as brothers and sisters in Christ. Anchor consists of students, workers and married couples within 20-30 years old age group. Our group loves eating and cooking, so we usually have dinner after Oikos or cook together to help fundraising team or cook for ourselves too! So if you love eating, we welcome you to our Oikos. We do care about your spiritual needs, and your physical needs as well. Can’t wait to see you to join our family!  

Oikos Faith

Faith is a small community where we strengthen each other through our testimony and through prayers. Not only we welcome but more importantly we celebrate the differences in age, background and personality of the individuals. This differences attributes to the uniqueness of our Oikos. The name faith often gives people the idea that it is a serious Oikos dealing with important life issues. While that is true, we want to let you know that every Friday, faith would be filled with laughter and joy.

Oikos SWAG

We believe that there is nothing we can do to earn salvation. It is only by God’s grace that we are saved. That’s the reason we named our small community Oikos SWAG (Saved with Amazing Grace), simply because we want Christ and His amazing grace to be the centre of our Oikos. We consists of students and professionals so we warmly welcome anyone to join our family. When we gather, not only we learn to grow in Him but we also care for each other with love and joyful heart. So with us, expect your Friday night will be filled not only with His words but also with lots of fun and laughter and not to mention tummies filled with good food. Yes, we love cooking and baking our own food and that’s what make us unique. Oh! We also love to hang out during weekdays for foods and movies. So join us for fellowship and let’s take on the journey together to become closer to Him!