For Families

JOSEF (Jesus Oriented South East Family)

Oikos JOSEF has 9 families who live around Berwick, Lynbrook, Pakenham, and Cranbourne, with members in the mid 30s. Our Oikos is currently run once every 3 weeks. Our activities include ice breaker, praise & worship, sharing and praying for each other. Outings are organised during public holidays like fishing, sightseeing and many more. The bond within our Oikos goes beyond communication and fun. Our Oikos have makes us grow closer. Children in our Oikos ranges between 1 and 8 years old.

Oikos Family West

Oikos Family West members are young and dynamic family who’s growing in Christ. Currently we have 7 families and we welcome families who live in Melbourne’s west to join our Oikos.

Oikos Pro-M

Oikos Pro-M is a small family where everyone can find God’s encouragement, love and joy where each member takes part to strengthen each other, pray for one another and be united in Christ.

Oikos Eden

Eden is the place where God created human and family for the very first time. Back then, Adam and Eve have the ideal intimate relationship with God. Oikos Eden have high hope where all the young family have the same longing for the ideal intimate relationship with God and able to fulfill God’s calling. In this Oikos, we can share our lives, strengthen each other and do our job as Family of God.