Making an Impact

Many Rooms

Our church has worked together with various different organisations before to volunteer and take part of their cause to be a blessing to everyone around us. We are glad to announce that we are now also working with Many Rooms organisations to help them providing care packs for the people who needs it most.

What is Many Rooms?

Many Rooms is about creating safe and friendly places of encounter between those who are doing it tough and ordinary people who help. They engage and equip volunteers to help out in practical ways, but also seek to involve all people – including participants – in whatever they do.

Many Rooms began as an initiative of City on a Hill church in 2009, and their first room, The Kitchen is a drop-in centre that opens every Friday night from 6 – 8pm in CBD, and Saturday 8.45am – 3pm in North Melbourne, offering meals and social activities.

Care Packs

Besides offering meals and activities to the homeless and people who are having it tough, Many Rooms also distributes care packs to them, providing basic necessities and toiletries. These packs are distributed during The Kitchen open times.

Our church is involved in providing the care packs, and words of encouragement for them. If you are wanting to be involved in providing the care packs, please refer to the following guide:


  • Resealable large storage bag, approximately 27 x 33cm

Packing Guide for Male Hygiene Packs

  • 1x Hand towel – good quality and in a masculine colour
  • 3x Razors – at least 3-blade razor
  • 1x Shaving cream – preferably 75 gr tubes
  • 1x 250ml (approx) Mouthwash
  • 1x Mens deodorant – spray or roll on
  • 1x Hand sanitiser – small, non-scented

Extra items for males may include: comb, socks, nail clippers, nail scissors, band aids, muscle rub, non-feminine lip balm.

Packing Guide for Female Hygiene Packs

First decide if the packs will going to have pads or tampons in it.

Bag with Pads

  • 1x Hand towel
  • 1x 250ml (approx) Body wash
  • 1x Soft body loofa
  • 1x Roll on deodorant
  • 1x Toothpaste
  • 1x Toothbrush cover
  • 1x Toothbrush (unpacked and in cover)
  • 4x Razors
  • 1x Lip balm
  • 2x Extra items
  • 1x Personal note

Bag with Tampons

  • 1x Hand towel
  • 1x 250ml (approx) Shampoo
  • 1x 250ml (approx) Conditioner
  • 1x Spray deodorant
  • 1x Toothpaste
  • 1x Toothbrush cover
  • 1x Toothbrush (unpacked and in cover)
  • 4x Razors
  • 1x Sunscreen (max 150ml)
  • 2x Extra items
  • 1x Personal note

Extra items for females may include: hair ties, nail clippers, nail files, pocket tissues, hairbrush socks, underwear, cleansing face wipes (25 pk), small moisturiser, scented hand cream, etc.

Personal note can be of handwritten note, handmade card, words of encouragement, etc. Please do NOT include any personal details/information/business cards.