Matthew 28:19 – Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

Discipleship ministry helps individuals in our church to grow spiritually through a set of educational Bible study programs. We believe Jesus tasks us to create disciples and not simply followers.

Discipleship is a life-long journey, and although throughout the Bible study program you will learn more about Jesus and living our lives as His disciples, it simply does not end there. During your journey, we encourage you to find a mentor for your spiritual journey, and to grow together in Christ.

Discipleship classes are separated into three different modules.


GO Up is the first module that introduces you to basic Christianity concepts and understanding. This module will touch on topics such as sin and redemption, as well as salvation and your relationship with God. As the first module, it focuses on your upward relationship with God.

If you have decided to declare Jesus as your Saviour, the GO Up module also provides information on what it means to be baptised.


GO In is the second module that introduces you to ministries and your God-given calling. This module will touch on topics such as your spiritual gifts and getting involved in church ministries. As the second module, it focuses on your inward relationship, and how God’s will can be manifested in your life.

GO In module usually runs concurrently with GO Up module. However despite being the second module, you are not required to take and finish GO Up module first.

GO Out

GO Out is the third module that introduces you to your role in communities, as well as a more in-depth topics. This module will touch on topics such as fasting, creating community and cell groups, and your involvement in the community. As the third module, it focuses on your outward relationship with the community as a blessing.

In order to learn this module, you are required to complete both GO Up and GO In.