Creative Ministry

Creative ministries focus on manifesting God-given gifts and talents within the church congregation. It’s all about expressing God’s love and the gospel of grace through the use of creative medium. It can take the form of a play, musical, dance, special videos or movies, and large-scale events like Christmas and Resurrection Sunday.

With an interesting mix of talented performers, creative thinkers and energetic production crew, our creative team pulls together all artistic works for the glory of Jesus and the good of His church.

Our media and social media team employ a variety of means to keep you informed as a church: announcements, impactful visuals and slides in services, websites, facebook, twitter, instagram, animations, social media, our print booklet Joy Cast, and more.

We see these resources and events as grace seeds waiting to be sown into people’s lives, and believe that when someone feeds on them with a receiving heart, that person’s life will be transformed and blessed!

Media & Photography

One night you stroll through Place of Joy’s social media account and you see your photo attending the service there. Yes, this is the ministry that captures many of those beautiful moments and document it. They work very closely with the social media team to publish those photos to Facebook, Instagram, and others.

If you are really into photography, and wants a new challenging way to bless, this might be a good start for you.

Social Media

Instagram and Facebook are their best friends. Thanks to this ministry, everyone gets updated with many things happening around the church. They utilize the website and social media to spread the blessing and joy to many people, within and outside church.

Joy Cast

When you arrive at our church, you will be given a Joy Cast booklet by one of our ushers. It is through many talented members of this ministry, those booklets are made and crafted. Working very hard at their desk, they use their creativity to gather and write the contents, and layouting it in a way that bless many who reads.


No one can remember all the songs, and you are not expected to. Even if you don’t know the song, you can still participate in our praise and worship session. There will be lyrics displayed to help you sing along with the rest. Visual ministry is responsible to display those in timely manner.

This is the ministry that coordinates and manages the projector and its content throughout the services, from the beginning till the very end, from the praise-and-worship session to the blessing-prayer.