Church Service

Church service ministries deal with the operational aspect of our church, from ensuring the Sunday service runs smoothly as it can be, making sure that each and every person feels welcome in our church. It is the most diverse ministry branch, and there is always something for someone that’s wanting to be involved in this ministry.

Praise and Worship

Praise and Worship is the ministry where lively and enthusiastic servants with passion in praising and worshipping God, help bring people into His presence.Not only because He commanded us to do us, but we feel His overwhelming joy through this ministry. We believe that praise and worships are expressions of love and awe to God who gives us more than what we deserve.

Service Runner

This is the ministry that helps manage and coordinate the Sunday-service, from bump-in to bump-out, from opening the door – till closing-it up when it finishes in the afternoon. As a service runner, we want to ensure that congregation can feel God’s presence without getting disturbed from unnecessary distraction. This is a great place to start tapping into the Event world, as you will be exposed to many similar situations that you will be facing when running an event, but just in a smaller and simpler scale.

If you really curious and wanna try to jump-in to Event ministry, but scared that it’s gonna be too much, this might be the answer to your dilemma.

Prayer Warriors

The prayer warriors’ ministry is a gathering that provides an atmosphere of freedom of worship, exhortation from the Word, prayer for the whole body of Christ, and for all people and nations in the wider community.


They are the bright and pretty faces you see when first arrive at church. It’s through their warm smiles and greetings that they spreads the joy and blessing to many people coming to church every Sunday.


This ministry stays closely with the newcomers, greeting them at the first time they are visiting, giving a guidance, introducing them to the other church members, and most importantly, helping them to settle down, feel welcomed and convenient within the church’s big family.


Quite often, after the service concludes, you will find some snacks and refreshment provided close to the exit door. These all comes and prepared by this bunch of energetic and dedicated members that joins this ministry.


Sometimes, you would see non-Indonesian faces attending our service. It’s this ministry that helps translates the sermon into English, so then can be well understood by the non-Indonesians.