Serving the Lord and Others

We believe that we were born to serve Jesus and others.

At Place of Joy we encourage everyone to join us in serving with your own unique talents, gifts and abilities. As a ministry, we seek to create grace perspectives that glorify Jesus, inspire hearts, develop our gifts from God and connect people.

Serving God in this ministry is both fun and fulfilling! Not only do you get to use the gifts that He has placed in you for His work, but you also witness His miracle-working power. We trust you will be blessed beyond measure!


Creative ministry is all about expressing God’s love and the gospel of grace through the arts. It can take the form of a play, musical, dance, special videos or movies and large-scale events like Christmas and Resurrection Sunday.

Church Service

From getting the service venues ready, ensuring your safety, to greeting you at the door, we joyfully choose to serve because we’ve personally experienced God’s overwhelming love, goodness and favour in our lives.

Joy Kids

Preparing the children to be a person with a good influence to their society, family, church, city and this world in the future. We believe that all these kids will be God’s tools to change their family, church, city and finally, this world as well.



Helping individuals in our church to grow spiritually through a set of educational Bible study programs. We believe Jesus wants us to create disciples and not simply followers.


As a church, it is important not only to be looking into their own church members, but also be actively involved in the community to be a blessing for them.



Oikos is small communities where everyone can openly share their life story, have fun, grow together in Christ and bonded with one another just like a family.