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What’s Happening at Church

Family Camp 2017: Closer

For the first time EVER, we are grateful to announce the launching of Family Camp 2017 which will bring BRAND NEW topics that will touch and inspire each family. This camp gathers all the family and married couple to have hope in each other and learn about God’s... read more

POJ Church 12th Birthday: +1=1

To celebrate Place of Joy’s 12 birthday on May 28th 2017, the church proudly presents +1=1 (Plus One Equals One), a Got Talent event that will be different compared to any other got talent shows in the world. Why? Because there are 4 groups of participants in total... read more

JAC April 2017

JAC (Joy After Church) is one of the programs in our church that’s dedicated to sports enthusiasts. But not everything that we’re doing is related to sport. JAC 2017 is back with fun rally games! Miss out on the event? Check our highlight video and all... read more

GO IN 2017 Graduates

Congratulations for all the GO IN class of 2017 graduates! This marks your deeper step towards God, and we believe you will keep your curiosity and passion in learning the Word of God even... read more

Easter Camp 2017 Highlight: The Inside Out

Last month, our church had the annual Easter Camp event. Located at PGL Camp Rumbug, each and everyone who participated in the camp had a blast, coming back refreshed and hungry for the Word of... read more

Joycast Volume 2 (2017)

The second edition of Joycast has finally arrived! In this edition, covering the first quarter of 2017, we are talking about love. What is love? For all we know, it’s an affection and deep feeling from someone towards something or someone else. But what exactly... read more

Joycast Volume 1 (2016)

We recently relaunched Joycast, our church publication and changed the format quite a bit. We are totally thrilled as this is the first Place of Joy’s magazine ever published. After thinking long and hard, we decided to adopt a more full-package approach by turning it... read more

Four Seasons Art Exhibition

Four seasons is the first art exhibition held by Place of Joy Church. Through this exhibition, we hope to build awareness about global issues in a fun and interesting way. The artworks in this exhibition contributed by the church people who are passionate in arts... read more

Working with Many Rooms

Our church has worked together with various different organisations before to volunteer and take part of their cause to be a blessing to everyone around us. This semester we are glad to announce that we are now also working with Many Rooms organisations to help them... read more

POJ Church 11th Birthday Highlights

The video highlights for our church birthday is now available to watch in YouTube. Hats off to our church birthday committees that have spent a lot of time in preparing the event, and for the JoyKids to make this event really shines.... read more

GO UP Class 2016 Graduates

Congratulations for all the GO UP class of 2016 graduates! This marks your first step of your spiritual journey with God, and we hope that you keep your fire in learning the Word of God. read more

Angels in Disguise

Angels in Disguise is an opportunity for us to action our good deeds between Oikos through simple ways, either words, actions, or gifts, and making use of post-it notes! The idea came from a camp that Tata, one of our guitarist (and keyboard player), attended, where... read more